About US

When we started selling custom tote bags, we have expected to become a leading online supplier of quality promotional bags at affordable prices. Today, we have customers from around the world and our business is heading in the right direction.

Why Custom Totes?

Creating Touch Points for Your Brand

Our aim is not only selling products and pocketing profits as many other businesses, instead we try to create touch points for your brand. Right now competition is the go word, encouraging businesses to excel and widen their customer outreach. Marketers have to try hard to make the most of all those opportunities when they invite their customers to look, experience and touch their brands.

On buying logo printed promotional totes from Ecobagsandmore.com, marketers can strengthen their touch points by:

Encouraging customers to regularly see and touch their brand information by using these promotional totes.
Making customers understand why their brand is their preferred choice and why they should prefer them to others.
Driving traffic to their tradeshow booths and creating goodwill which extends beyond the service life of these bags!
Vast Imprint Options

With most online suppliers stocking typical personalized tote bags, it is seen that they offer limited imprint options for minimizing the labor and improving their turnaround time. However, we offer maximum possible imprint choices for all our promotional bags at the fastest turnaround time.

Most Creative Design Team

We understand that by copying the same styles (in imprint or design) that are on market shelves will do no good to our business and clients. So, our design team takes efforts in understanding customer requirements and produce appreciated designs. We can proudly say that our clients like our designs and they often reach out to us saying that it truly matches with their company personality.

Our in-house designing team is always ready to help you in building an impressive brand presence.

Budget Friendly Selection

As said before our aim is not only pocketing dollars but scoring high on customer satisfaction. We offer extreme budget friendly selection of custom tote bags than any other supplier of promotional bags. We are sure that people who come to us can find the bag that fits into their budget and fulfills their promotional requirements.

Special User- Friendly Tote Bags

After years of observation, we concluded that most people are fond of grocery and shopping totes made up of eco-friendly materials. This is the reason why we have chosen to put up a large selection of user-friendly cheap customized tote bags used to promote grocery marts, farm produces, luxury lifestyle brands, fundraisers, etc. Logo printed totes are certainly helping our clients to register strong impressions. Many of our clients have thanked us for improved brand recognition after distributing these customized bags.